4 Instances You Might Want To Schedule Lead Testing Services

Posted on: 1 October 2021

Although lead is a naturally occurring element on the planet, it can have severe effects when ingested or inhaled. Therefore, it is crucial to schedule lead testing services to protect yourself and your family from lead exposure that can result in health hazards. This piece will cover some of the circumstances where you might need lead testing services.

1. Your House Is Old

Old is gold, and this is probably the reason why you don't want to sell a house that has been in your family for generations. But unfortunately, researchers found out that certain paints had traces of lead.

According to the EPA, the US federal government banned the manufacture and sale of any lead-based paint. However, homes built before 1978, when the authorities stipulated the measure, may still contain lead-based paint. Consider checking out your home's documents to see when it was constructed. If it was constructed around that time, you might want to schedule lead testing immediately.

2. Selling or Buying a Home

Are you looking for a house to purchase? Inspections are quite crucial before signing a deal with the seller. First, it helps you understand whether you are buying a house worth its quoted value. As you schedule radon tests and inspections, consider testing the house for lead contamination.

On the other hand, if you are selling a house, you might want to prepare it for the market. Early preparations help you make a transparent and quick sale. Test the house for lead and take necessary measures to ensure you don't expose the next occupant to health problems.

3. Unexplained Illnesses

Lead exposure presents a host of health issues to children and adults. For example, kids might show signs such as loss of appetite, difficulty in learning and retaining information, weight loss, abdominal pain, seizures, and vomiting.

Adults suffer similar physical symptoms and low fertility, premature births, and miscarriages. If you notice these symptoms, consider testing for lead and take the necessary measures to remove it.

4. Before Renovation

When it's time to apply a fresh coat of paint to your house during a renovation, you might want to test the old paint for traces of lead. Some painters prefer to sand down the old coat while some choose to paint over the old coat, depending on the condition of the paint. If you choose to remove the old coat, ensure you test the old paint to avoid exposing your loved ones to traces of lead during the renovation project.

Have you encountered any of these situations above? Then, it's time to prepare your house for professional lead testing services. Protect your health and peace of mind by ensuring you live in a lead-free home. To learn more, contact a company like LEW Corporation.