Rented Dumpsters For Your Small Business: What To Do During A Temporary Business Closure

Posted on: 16 April 2020

If you own a certain type of business that generates a lot of trash, there is a high likelihood that you have a rented dumpster parked on your property to contain it. Whether it is a restaurant, a retail store, or some other type of business, this rented dumpster can be a bit of a mainstay for your operation. However, if something drastic happens and you have to close your business for a while, you may need to cut costs. Here are a few things to consider about the dumpster you're using during the closure. 

Keep the dumpster locked so it doesn't get used by the public.

Many waste management companies do continue to charge based on how much trash they retrieve every week. If the business is not open and you are not placing trash inside but you prefer to keep the dumpster in position and rented, make sure you keep a lock on the container to thwart problems with public use. Let the dumpster rental company know that they will not need to empty the dumpster while you are closed and that you have locked the receptacle to help negate public usage. 

Consider returning the dumpster if you don't have a service contract. 

If you do not have a service contract with the dumpster rental company that binds you to service for a certain amount of time, it may be best to go ahead and have the unit picked up by the company until you get back in business. The companies that charge according to the weight of your usual waste will also be charging you a base rate for the receptacle itself being on your property for use. Therefore, simply returning the unit until you need it again may help you save a bit of money if you need to cut expenses temporarily. 

Talk to the dumpster rental company about the situation. 

If there is some kind of emergency or natural disaster that has forced your business to close, it is always a good idea to talk to the dumpster rental company about your situation. If you have been a long-time customer, the company may be willing to work out something with you to help you cut your expenses or pause your service contract in spite of a prior commitment until you can reopen. In extreme circumstances, you may also be able to cancel the service contract with the dumpster rental company.